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Choices – let’s not get spoilt though!


This picture adorns my Twitter background ( @ajaxjoshi ). Why? Any guesses? Look at it again, this was clicked by me at the Surajkund Crafts Mela in Feb this year – a shop selling lamps in all available color and combinations. What dilemma if you were to choose and buy 1 or a couple of them. The decision becomes easy if you put these in context/surroundings where you wanna display them – so the point I want to make – when you want to go social, be sure to choose the right platforms and not just jump onto as many as you can or the ones which are the most populated.

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Why Facebook? And Why not Only Likes, Comments and Shares! Is There More?

When Facebook started its first office in India in 2010 its user base was just 8M. Come 2012 and Facebook has grown 8 fold with over 65M users in India – thats 2 years for swelling 8X! Its penetration of population is almost 5.5% and penetration of online population is closing in on the 70% mark.

Big numbers eh! Without dwelling more into numbers and staying afloat with what we already have I am very curious to know how long are we going to talk about numbers ahead of these? We marketers are the first ones to get onto the band wagon and in our enthusiasm and partnering with other entrepreneurial talent get pulled into numbers again. We swear for being ‘social’, ‘creating engagement’ and within no time begin pushing in our messages, products and services. Automatically we are looking for likes, comments, shares, clicks… conversions for talking success.

ROI has always been the hot topic, always raising eyebrows with very few of us who are ready and can tackle questions on it. Numbers will help us right? Right! But how right is right here? Are we looking at conversions the moment the big boss says ‘I have spent so much, what have I gained? More often than not – only numbers showing engagement or some affinity. Lets try to talk about this, makes some sense… lets talk about Facebook with its high user-base in India.

There is always that emotional need that brings us onto a network like Facebook – we can reconnect with our old friends, family and colleagues, we can share our thoughts and beliefs, make new friends, professional connections and so on… one of the biggest – WE NOW HAVE A VOICE THAT CAN BE HEARD. We always wanted to talk, be heard, get applauded, interact and connect… now we have the platforms that let us and satisfy us on the emotional level. We share everything under the sun – well, almost everything. There are huge numbers drawn from small towns – the citizens who have aspirations but could never be heard. Are we seeing this, are we understanding that there is this thick emotional layer which if penetrated can do us wonders.

Another one – we just start off thinking we know it all. DO WE? We are in an age where everything is evolving and hence it is getting complicated by the day. Complexity is a bane and a boon for us marketers – we just need to listen and then crack it. Mere existence and big numbers ain’t enough no more. What we do with what we have defines us and our success. Try a easy 4 step process: LISTEN, CONSUME, REACT/INTERACT and then RETURN to step 1. Simple, well if only we knew that simple is simple if we let it be simple.

1. LISTEN: Cutting to the chase, we need to listen to what our TG is talking about, what moves them, what excites or saddens them, what are their pain points that trouble them… if we listen and not hear we can help them or add value to the satisfied ones. Cut inroads to create consumers and sustain to cross and up sell.

2. CONSUME: Just listening wouldn’t do it, would it? We should draw meaningful insights. Cull out the sentiments, the emotions, the pleasure and the pain – draw meaningful insights that would help us understand what we should do. Once done – we are ready to react/interact!

3. REACT/INTERACT: We should now be ready to talk and engage with our TG. The touch points and the the time to activate them from our listening exercise will help us connect and make the most out of it. This is the opportunity for us to make meaningful interactions and be one with them on their emotional levels. Provide them with what they are looking for – give them only will they would want to take from you the next time… there are high chances that they will be readily accepting and welcoming your communications and with stronger relationships becoming your evangelists to help you in your marketing initiatives.

4. RETURN to step 1: Our efforts should be going in a loop, that corrects, evolves or grows to meet our objectives. Every 3 step process will give us immense learnings that we need to bring back in and start afresh at times and at others capitalize!

We got to be at it! Always in perpetuity. Remember, once on the bandwagon we cant get off… else it is going to be very sore post the exit. So always strategize and plan before you do – well this is another over arching topic that needs several posts.. but yes, the importance is enormous.

Let me know what you think… comment here or reach out @ajaxjoshi

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Social Media KPI [Series] [#2]– Quantitative

Here comes the 2nd one in the series. Going on to the next step after you have decided and started measuring for Awareness and Engagement both on the Home Base and the Out Posts – The Digital Touch Points.

It’s not about what you do on your outposts (social community/accelerator networks) but also the touch points that lead your users/followers/consumers to it. The Digital Touch Points!

Digital Touch Points


List down KPIs for all the touch points and get them into your measurement and analysis grid. These with the earlier ones, together will provide tremendous insights. You might have offline also in your outreach program, if so, add them too. How people are interacting with you is what you had covered, now this one lets you know on where they are interacting and if they are hoping on from one to another – and in the process taking the conversations across touch points.

Thoughts? Looking forward to your comments… reach me @ajaxjoshi

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Social Media KPI [Series] [#1] – Quantitative

Following up on my earlier post in March this year, HOW TO Measure Success – Social Media KPIs here is another one which drills down further. There is so much that you can measure – endless, all you need is the right direction and contextual application. On Social Media, ROI is the most talked about term and for good reason:

  1. It is a new media that is talk of the town
  2. It is shouting for budgets and has already expanding or eating into other media budgets

It is bound to raise eyebrows and there would be tonnes of questions on the ‘Why do we need social media’. This post is surely not going to address that but as the 1st in a series of 3 posts will list out the quantitative KPIs for a Social media campaign/engagement.

Let’s jump right into it, drawing out the KPIs. Mind you, these are still top line and can be drilled out at least 3 levels down and a potent mix with the qualitative (touch points and consumer/audience outlook – coming up in 2 separate posts) will deliver the desired results.

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Facebook’s Hidden Features #1 – The Facebook Archieve

It’s right there… but there is a very good chance that you have not see it – Download a copy of your Facebook data. Look it up – it’s under your account settings tab, right below language.

Here's where you download a copy of your Facebook Data

Click to get a copy of your Facebook history downloaded which features the posts you’ve made on your wall, the photos hared, the names and email addresses of your friends, and more…

Along with it comes an expanded archive download that includes as Facebook calls it, “historic info like IP addresses we store about your logins to Facebook.”

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Is Social Media = Facebook + Twitter?

More often than not you would end up asking yourself this, especially is social media is what you do. I ask this almost daily. Whenever I meet some and tell them what I do, what I hear back is, “Oh! Wow! Facebook and Twitter!”

It used to irritate me earlier; now, I understand that I need to take it in stride for the ignorant few. You can’t help it! While dabbling with the thought, it struck me that each one of us defines a term, a profession, or an action, a process in a way that makes it easy to identify with. With the monumental growth of Facebook and Indian whose who on Twitter, it is very obvious that social media in common man’s language becomes Facebook + Twitter.

Talk about videos – YouTube is on your minds. Want to wish someone birthday on phone, more often than not you would also end up facebooking your friend with the same wish as per the new social protocol that has taken over our lives. An App is nothing but the good old web application that we have been clicking through for some time now, but an App is something that directly relates to our mobiles or to Facebook. Meanwhile while we might be stuck to some of these definitions, we are quick to evolve too! Now instead of Flickr(ing) it you Pin(nterst) it!

Also, notice how we also add to the English dictionary certain other brands as language words. When hurt we do not ask for a bandage but a ‘band-aid’. When thirsty we reach out for a Bisleri and not a bottle of water from the roadside vendor. The latest – iPad! What does one ask for if he wants to buy a tablet – iPad! 🙂

Considering these and many more such examples, I derive peace that its okay if people think and perceive me doing Facebook + Twitter for a living. Yes, when I do meet a few interested few, we dvelve on it more and it all becomes enlightening for the other!

Cheers to us and how we try to make things easy and the easy slowly evolves with our lifestyles and becomes an integral part of it!

What are your thoughts on this? Sure, would love to hear from you guys. Want to know more from me, follow my blog or follow me on Twitter @ajaxjoshi

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HOW TO Measure Success – Social Media KPIs

This one is a follow-up post to my earlier post ‘HOW TO Measure Engagement – Social Media KPIs‘. In this post, i would like to talk about ROI of social media. Or, would it be better if I say we use the term Return on Experience (ROE) instead of ROI?

I will choose to talk about ROE, since ROI discussions are something most traditional marketers enjoy hiding behind! No offense meant but the mere idea of talking about ROI in traditional on assumption while ROI in social to be obvious – eyebrows will rise! Though ROI in traditional is something now brands have agreed to go by through the years, social has a long way to go if that were to be the case.

That’s about it on that in this post. Another post opening up that debate 🙂 soon.

So, as a general rule, we could use the following 3 broad KPIs to measure success:

  1. Exposure – How many people will be exposed to our brand/activities?
  2. Engagement – How many people will engage with our brand/activities?
  3. Evangelism – How many people will create content and evangelize our brand/activities?

Broadly these 3 will define your success. A set of KPIs for each of these will further breakdown numbers coming from all the social channels and networks that our campaign will leverage. Each one adding up to another, some overlap like a comment on a post amounts to engagement as well as evangelism though it should fall under engagement.

What do you think about this. Looking forward to your feedback/queries in comments.

Follow me @ajaxjoshi 

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SOCIAL > Media – [SERIES] Post 1

I have always believed that SOCIAL > Media and thats one of the major reasons why I am in this profession that I am – SOCIAL!

We have numerous social media marketers, trainers, specialists…and yes the evangelists. Numerous evangelists? What do you think? numerous is a small count, ain’t it?Who is an evangelist? I am an evangelist, you are an evangelist, everyone is an evangelist. We are all evangelist in our own right and we are zealous advocates of a cause, idea, movement, initiative, or even a brand.

Not beating too much around the bush let me come to why I say SOCIAL > Media – but, before that a small introduction to Cricket in India for my fellow members/colleagues on social space who live in a non-cricket playing country. Cricket in India is a religion. We Indians are crazy about cricket. Today, one of India’s most prolific batsmen, Virender Sehwag, who we also call Viru scored a world record breaking 219 runs in a 1-day international match against the West Indies. Now, I am sure you are confused -“Why is this blogger talking about cricket?” Ah, i will let you in on the answer to this question. Repeating again, SOCIAL > Media, today the whole of Twitter and Facebook was abuzz with Sehwag and Viru and the 200 + runs that he scored. So? Why was the social space abuzz? A few had the previlege to wwatch the match live, rest were glued to their TV sets or watching the stream online. But all of us were sharing our joy with each other of scintillating batting with our friends, family et al online.

We are all social and like to celebrate and spend happy moments with a larger group of people. When it comes to something like Cricket, we are bound together so tightly that it doesn’t matter if I am in a crowd and I hardly know anyone. i will not think even once before I chat up with anyone within that crowd and share my views and excitement. That’s what we all did again today. Through the social networks we did exactly the same stuff, just that we were not present at the same place offline. The platforms were the medium to carry the SOCIAL online. True that the media is important, but, without social media wouldn’t be media while the reverse is not true. SOCIAL wil llive and has always, media come and go.

Closing it here and leaving some food for thought. Would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave your comments.

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