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Why does every brand page needs a Facebook App?

What is a Facebook App?

A Facebook app is nothing but a micro site, Period! How a techie might put it – It is something that can do almost anything we want to. Coming into Facebook from a hosted source, you could have the database to be what you had like it to be – which unlike through the App is impossible to extract information from Facebook 🙂

Not all people put their contact number and address in online forms – with a Facebook App using Facebook connect you get your information and properties when you can reach your fans.

Keeping Facebook’s promotion guidelines in view, an App is what a brand needs to fuel the much needed engagement and impetus for the brand though sweepstakes, contests, loyalty programs…

… and more…

1. They have an inherent Marketing Potential
2. They act as engagement drivers
3. Enable outbound linking (a big one to have an app!)

Putting 2 and 2 together, it is no doubt an imperative, a must have for every brand Facebook page. If you don’t have one, get one today or miss the opportunity to access the 800MM worldwide!

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HOW TO Measure Success – Social Media KPIs

This one is a follow-up post to my earlier post ‘HOW TO Measure Engagement – Social Media KPIs‘. In this post, i would like to talk about ROI of social media. Or, would it be better if I say we use the term Return on Experience (ROE) instead of ROI?

I will choose to talk about ROE, since ROI discussions are something most traditional marketers enjoy hiding behind! No offense meant but the mere idea of talking about ROI in traditional on assumption while ROI in social to be obvious – eyebrows will rise! Though ROI in traditional is something now brands have agreed to go by through the years, social has a long way to go if that were to be the case.

That’s about it on that in this post. Another post opening up that debate 🙂 soon.

So, as a general rule, we could use the following 3 broad KPIs to measure success:

  1. Exposure – How many people will be exposed to our brand/activities?
  2. Engagement – How many people will engage with our brand/activities?
  3. Evangelism – How many people will create content and evangelize our brand/activities?

Broadly these 3 will define your success. A set of KPIs for each of these will further breakdown numbers coming from all the social channels and networks that our campaign will leverage. Each one adding up to another, some overlap like a comment on a post amounts to engagement as well as evangelism though it should fall under engagement.

What do you think about this. Looking forward to your feedback/queries in comments.

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HOW TO Measure Engagement – Social Media KPIs

I think that social media measurement is something that  should be undertaken with a sense of perspective: Stand Back and Look at the Big Picture.

A wide screen approach to social media measurement may not be enough for your number crunching boss who would want to see proof for this optimism.

Do not worry, there is a lot you can measure, but first things first. Its all about engagement and interaction. The goal of your social media strategy should be to provide the tools for people to engage with your brand / people / products / services.

It is important to understand that both financial and financial KPIs are important is measuring the success of your campaign. Non-financial KPIs more often than not lead the way to for your team to work on the financial KPIs. Let me explain this with an example. A Facebook campaign will get you a fan following (non-financial KPI) which will build a nice big database for your email campaign. Now it depends on how successful your email campaign is to convert the fans to customers (financial KPI – ROI). Here, I would like to mention that the email campaign and facebook campaign would continue to run together. Facebook is where your conversation with your prospective customers started and that’s where the engagement has to continue to build the trust.

(More to follow on how to build social communities and run an effective social media campaign in subsequent posts)

For now, here is a list of some KPIs:

  1. Social Media sharing/participation (activity on key social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  2. Fans
  4. Groups (owned/joined/group members/activity)
  5. Like this
  6. Posts
  8. Forward to a friend
  9. Print page
  11. Feedback
  12. Reviews
  13. Messaging (onsite)
  14. Testimonials
  15. Ratings
  16. Polls (participation)
  17. Report spam/abuse
  18. Tagging (user-generated metadata)
  19. Favorites
  20. Alerts
  21. Email subscription
  22. Invite/refer
  24. Install widgets
  25. Personalization (display, themes, pages)
  26. Registered users
  27. Uploads (add an item, e.g. articles, links, images, videos)
  28. Views (videos, ads, rich images)
  29. Wishlists (save items to wishlist)
  30. Time spent on key pages
  31. Time spent on site (by page, by entry page)
  32. Profile (e.g. update avatar, bio, links, email, customisation, etc)

The above lists comes out of the actions that you want your users to perform, which would be one or all of the following:

  • You want people to make a noise.
  • You want people to store and share things.
  • You want people to love your website.
  • You want people to visit more frequently
  • You want people to refer your company to their friends.
  • You want people to buy into your brand.
  • You want people to buy your products.

Please feel free to let me know if I missed some. Let me know if they are any good at @ajaxjoshi

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