Customer Service in 140 Characters

ImageTwitter is good… but how can you make it Great for yourself is up to you. In this post I would list out why we should use Twitter and its mechanics to provide customer service. All in real time, in the moment – we can receive responses and resolutions without holding on listening to music or keying in numbers in response to the IVR. Here why we should adopt it:

  1. Reduce the size of the support team and control costs. For long we have been trying to put our customers to use the IVR, dissuading them from talking to our phone executives. A Twitter listening station would not only help us respond to customers but also identify and reach out to issues, problems or delight that are not directed at us while on phone.
  2. Learn from customers’ repetitive questions to improve our product and service offerings. Repetitive questions on the phone versus the same coming on Twitter, you take your pick – a source of tremendous insights across for teams to make our offerings better.
  3. Replace FAQs with interactive software. All integrated to Twitter, helping us get back faster and with objective resolutions. Take away the dullness for our people and have our customers know that they can help themselves which as humans we all do first before we reach out for help.
  4. Provide support throughout the sales process. Very important that we are able to handhold, guide or just be their to help make out prospects make that buying decision in our favor, particularly for the ones who navigate away before they might complete a transaction.
  5. Focus on high-value customers and questions. With the right system in place the team can concentrate on the most valuable and influential customers who are asking questions and are most like to lead to add-ons, up-sells, cross-sells, accessories sales, service contracts and training offers.

Thoughts? Feedback? Looking to hear from you in comments or @ajaxjoshi

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