Is Social Media = Facebook + Twitter?

More often than not you would end up asking yourself this, especially is social media is what you do. I ask this almost daily. Whenever I meet some and tell them what I do, what I hear back is, “Oh! Wow! Facebook and Twitter!”

It used to irritate me earlier; now, I understand that I need to take it in stride for the ignorant few. You can’t help it! While dabbling with the thought, it struck me that each one of us defines a term, a profession, or an action, a process in a way that makes it easy to identify with. With the monumental growth of Facebook and Indian whose who on Twitter, it is very obvious that social media in common man’s language becomes Facebook + Twitter.

Talk about videos – YouTube is on your minds. Want to wish someone birthday on phone, more often than not you would also end up facebooking your friend with the same wish as per the new social protocol that has taken over our lives. An App is nothing but the good old web application that we have been clicking through for some time now, but an App is something that directly relates to our mobiles or to Facebook. Meanwhile while we might be stuck to some of these definitions, we are quick to evolve too! Now instead of Flickr(ing) it you Pin(nterst) it!

Also, notice how we also add to the English dictionary certain other brands as language words. When hurt we do not ask for a bandage but a ‘band-aid’. When thirsty we reach out for a Bisleri and not a bottle of water from the roadside vendor. The latest – iPad! What does one ask for if he wants to buy a tablet – iPad! 🙂

Considering these and many more such examples, I derive peace that its okay if people think and perceive me doing Facebook + Twitter for a living. Yes, when I do meet a few interested few, we dvelve on it more and it all becomes enlightening for the other!

Cheers to us and how we try to make things easy and the easy slowly evolves with our lifestyles and becomes an integral part of it!

What are your thoughts on this? Sure, would love to hear from you guys. Want to know more from me, follow my blog or follow me on Twitter @ajaxjoshi

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