Why does every brand page needs a Facebook App?

What is a Facebook App?

A Facebook app is nothing but a micro site, Period! How a techie might put it – It is something that can do almost anything we want to. Coming into Facebook from a hosted source, you could have the database to be what you had like it to be – which unlike through the App is impossible to extract information from Facebook 🙂

Not all people put their contact number and address in online forms – with a Facebook App using Facebook connect you get your information and properties when you can reach your fans.

Keeping Facebook’s promotion guidelines in view, an App is what a brand needs to fuel the much needed engagement and impetus for the brand though sweepstakes, contests, loyalty programs…

… and more…

1. They have an inherent Marketing Potential
2. They act as engagement drivers
3. Enable outbound linking (a big one to have an app!)

Putting 2 and 2 together, it is no doubt an imperative, a must have for every brand Facebook page. If you don’t have one, get one today or miss the opportunity to access the 800MM worldwide!

Send me your app links… follow me @ajaxjoshi
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