SOCIAL > Media – [SERIES] Post 1

I have always believed that SOCIAL > Media and thats one of the major reasons why I am in this profession that I am – SOCIAL!

We have numerous social media marketers, trainers, specialists…and yes the evangelists. Numerous evangelists? What do you think? numerous is a small count, ain’t it?Who is an evangelist? I am an evangelist, you are an evangelist, everyone is an evangelist. We are all evangelist in our own right and we are zealous advocates of a cause, idea, movement, initiative, or even a brand.

Not beating too much around the bush let me come to why I say SOCIAL > Media – but, before that a small introduction to Cricket in India for my fellow members/colleagues on social space who live in a non-cricket playing country. Cricket in India is a religion. We Indians are crazy about cricket. Today, one of India’s most prolific batsmen, Virender Sehwag, who we also call Viru scored a world record breaking 219 runs in a 1-day international match against the West Indies. Now, I am sure you are confused -“Why is this blogger talking about cricket?” Ah, i will let you in on the answer to this question. Repeating again, SOCIAL > Media, today the whole of Twitter and Facebook was abuzz with Sehwag and Viru and the 200 + runs that he scored. So? Why was the social space abuzz? A few had the previlege to wwatch the match live, rest were glued to their TV sets or watching the stream online. But all of us were sharing our joy with each other of scintillating batting with our friends, family et al online.

We are all social and like to celebrate and spend happy moments with a larger group of people. When it comes to something like Cricket, we are bound together so tightly that it doesn’t matter if I am in a crowd and I hardly know anyone. i will not think even once before I chat up with anyone within that crowd and share my views and excitement. That’s what we all did again today. Through the social networks we did exactly the same stuff, just that we were not present at the same place offline. The platforms were the medium to carry the SOCIAL online. True that the media is important, but, without social media wouldn’t be media while the reverse is not true. SOCIAL wil llive and has always, media come and go.

Closing it here and leaving some food for thought. Would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave your comments.

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