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Facebook Ads – Should I or Should I Not?

No doubt that Facebook is up there and Mark Zuckerberg has more friends that anybody in this world πŸ™‚

So, the question is, while the opportunity is there, should brands allocate funds for Facebook Ads? Chunk of the funds still go to traditional media but the Facebook media is growing fast and a brand can’t help but but get sucked into it.

Today Facebook has a reach of over 9.5 million of India’s most attractive and affluent which is higher thanany English publications and for that matter English channels on TV. Its so damn cheap, you can get a CPR of as low as INR 0.30! 30 Paise, that’s it, a fraction of a front page of any daily. Add to this, the brand can engage in different ways than how they could with traditional media. Facebook enables conversations leading to engagement and potential sales. A Facebook user can ‘like’, ‘comment’, Β answer polls, watch videos, click through to sites… enough to take the user from knowledge to experience and then on the marketing team can create a story outta it. Or, better still, let the users create the story for them – that’s what guys like me do, day in and day out and so can write this post πŸ™‚

If Facebook were a country, it would be 3rd largest in the world – we are said and done with this over and over again. I also talked about it. Here is a stat for India – if Facebook were a daily, it would be number 1 with the next falling behind by 2 million. WOW that’s huge!

Decide for yourself and for your brands.

Please feel free to add comments. Reach out to me if need be.

Happy FBing.

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