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Influence – Over Drinks with Friends

Haven’t written for some time now. Been busy, swamped with work, family and social media insights.

Last week, over drinks with friends I noticed something that can and is easily being replicated on Social Media platforms. Your friends, people who who think are good and thats why you take out time to meet them act as major influencers when it comes to buying. Its either peer pressure, your ego or just that one wants the other to try/buy what he feels is a great product.

Sitting with them, just observing how one influences the other. The discussion starts off with Suzuki’s new Kizashi and how big a flop it is coming from a small car makers stable. All talked about the fact that Indian market identifies Maruti Suzuki with the Maruti 800 and not a too expensive sedan like Kizashi. I thought to barge in with how Nissan, Toyota and Honda started out Infinity, Lexus and Acura to fight with Mercedes. This would have somehow ended the debate, but I did not.

Next was Apple! How apple has changed how we look at IT. How IT has become a part of our lives, the high-on user experience that makes us talk about Apple products. The fading market share for Nokia, the Blackberry cult and so on.

During all this… I kept to myself but keenly observed how one influences the other. But how? When one backs his argument with information supporting it. My eyes lit up! Social media works the same way. One influences another with his recommendation. To make sure that his recommendation is taken in serious light, enforces it with a hyper link to info/content supporting it.

2+2=4. And I could see that addition right there.

To summarize, if I may, influence is a major driver and social media is an able and a very apt medium for that…

Would like to know of your thoughts. Feel free to comment or reach out to me at @ajaxjoshi

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