Conducting a Hashtag Twitter Marketing Campaign

I always believe that it is important to share other people’s content and information, relevant to your audience. One problem that I see here though is that because there is a large volume of information and conversation on Twitter, people are misled that it is a fast-paced advertising platform. To be successful you need to help others and let them get to know you, which will result with more people wanting to do business with you. This is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Twitter as a popular social networking platform, has a viral marketing strategy all on its own, especially if your followers like your tweets and retweet them to their followers. However, there’s another trend in Twitter usage that increases its viral marketing capabilities through the use of hashtags.

Here are 6 steps to help you create your own Twitter hashtag campaign:

1. Research. What kinds of tips would be appreciated by your target market? On what topics do you frequently receive questions from your clients?

2. Choose your name. Choose a short, simple name that reflects your brand and what you’re offering. Before making your final decision, you need to check your proposed name on Twitter Search (search by including the #) to ensure that no one else is using that name.
3. Create your tips. You can easily pick your tips out of an article or blog post you’ve created.

4. Link to relevant info. You would get the most mileage out of these tips if you link them to something relevant to that tip.

5. Schedule your tweets. In this way you put these tips on autopilot and they post themselves.

6. Let them begin to work their magic. It may take awhile for them to catch on, but eventually others will begin to retweet your tips as useful information they want their followers to access. As with most marketing strategies, consistence is the key here to your success.

Please feel free to add as comment if I may have missed something.

I would also suggest you could read – HOW TO: Grow a Quality Twitter Following and HOW TO make members of your online community feel special.

Contact me if you would want me to help you runa  Twitter Marketing campaign.

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