10 Biggest User Experience Mistakes Ever!

Cutting straight to the chase, I don’t think an intro is required 🙂

1. Frames
Don’t tell me you are ready to use frames to split your page?

2. Bad contrast of text over background
It’s all about contrast, ain’t it. Like any other animal the human eye is also trained to prioritize by contrast.

3. Heavy flash/video intros
Its a website and not a presentation off you hard disk.

4. Hidden Signins
This is the start to your sites bread earning capability. Please do not stash it in some corner or on a level 2 page. Provide it with good realty.

5. Pop-ups for content
An absolute no-no. Heard of AJAX?

6. Blinking text and marquees
What is the plan dude? You want visitors to get on to your side or do you want yourself to get onto their nerves.

7. Browser compatibility
Please do not make your users switch browsers.

8. Unstructured and unscannable text
Again, the human eye is trained to scan and get the gist. Make sure the navigation is clear on each page. No one likes it when they do not know where they are, use bread crumbs. Also, use proper contrast in text. Break down long textual content in a structured blocks. Heard of bullets? indents? bold? italics?

9. Horizontal Scrolling
This would take the cake if you make the user use a horizontal scroll to read your site content.

10. Consistency
Last but not the least.  Be consistent in using typeface, colors, icons… Make your returning visitors comfortable and reduce their clicks to a minimum. Let your visitors be in control. Do not make them hunt for directions every time. You know how it is, if I need directions a 2nd time, I rather head for Google.

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