Find and Manage Your Twitter Following

Twitter can either prove to be an amazing tool or a waste of time depending upon who you follow. Follow the right people and you will have the right information at the right time, else following wrong people will leave you behind by a mile.

Twitter gives a list of suggested people a new user could follow, containing some of Twitter’s heaviest users who are followed the most. No clue on how these suggested users have been selected and how following them would be of use to a new user. But, there is a service that could help you find interesting people to follow.

The service is called WeFollow. It is a user edited directory of Twitter users that categorizes each user in a directory by their interest.

How does it work? It simple asks users for their interests. While joining them a user provides his interests as a bunch of tags. If you are looking to follow people with same interests simply find users under the same category.

Register yourself with WeFollow here. Follow instructions from there on.

If any of you ‘d like to follow me, go to my Twitter page

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