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HOW TO: Grow a Quality Twitter Following

Using Twitter? Wondering whether it is doing anything for your business?

Are you tweeting at all hours throughout the day? Is their a plan, a strategy?

Why do you need a Tweet Plan?

A tweet plan will brand your twitter presence bringing consistency and saving time.

What is a Tweet Plan?

A series of scheduled tweets, carefully crafted  for the preferred audience in conjunction with real-time tweeting.

You are able to brand your Twitter presence attracting attention of the people you want to reach, providing them useful information.

Creating your Tweet Plan

1. Define your preferred audience

Whom do you want to connect on Twitter? For your Tweet Plan to be a success you should choose a few people from the different types of people who could help your business. These few would be your preferred Twitter audience. Who could these be? some suggestions: Prospects, Clients, Referral Sources, Partners, Business Network, Suppliers…

2. Decide the Number of Daily Tweets

Your Tweet Plan should only support the Tweet frequency and number of daily tweets and not be an end in itself. You need to engage with your audience by tweeting real-time sharing information  and replying to their tweets. Live tweets help you to connect with people in a way that brings them beyond Twitter and leads them along the path you want to take with them.

3. Decide How Long You Want to Run Your Tweet Plan

Once you have decided on the number of tweets to send daily, you need to decide how long you would run you Tweet Plan and schedule your tweets accordingly. This would majorly depend on the speed at which you could process the feedback received from your preferred audience and include it in you next plan.

If you ask me, I would suggest a 4 week plan, since I ‘d be eager to act upon the feedback received from my preferred audience and include it in my next plan to further strengthen the connection with my market.

4. Find and Decide the Keywords You Want to Use on Twitter

Choose the right keywords to send out a consistent signal and tell your audience who you are, how you want to connect with them and what you want to talk about. Use the keywords your preferred audience uses so that it’s easier to connect with them.

If you plan to schedule 5 tweets daily, then you choose use at least 5 keywords a day so that your audience gets information on these 5 consistently. Also remember the 140 character post limit on Twitter and try to use as many small words as possible.

5. Choose different formats for your scheduled tweets.

Let’s do some math: 10 tweets daily x 7 days x 4 weeks makes it 280 tweets. That’s a big number of tweets. To make this task easy, use different formats to write the 280 unique tweets. Using different also adds to the variety and keeps your tweets from getting boring.

Why not start with 7 different formats and use 1 for each day of the week. You could further experiment to change the sequence of these formats in the next week. Here’s what you could try:

Day 1 – Qualifying questions – Relate a problem
Day 2 – Tips – Present a  solution
Day 3 – Definitions – Focus on benefits
Day 4 – Provide useful links – to your blog
Day 5 – Alternate resources – provide links to market research
Day 6 – 3rd party resources – provide links to partner resources
Day 7 – Roundup – Include quotes around your business

6. Write your Scheduled Tweets

Since twitter does not allow duplicate tweets be sure to write unique tweets. While writing a tweet keep in mind:
> Your preferred audience
> Choose one keyword
> Choose one format

Also remember to create a combination of 1 keyword with 1 format. Use hashtags and try to limit a tweet to 120 characters so that it can easily be retweeted.

7. Choose Your Times

You surely do not want to send out a message to your audience that you are available during a certain time of the day or week. Choose time slots to send out your 7 scheduled tweets for the day. Spread out your tweets throughout the day. Ideally you would also be publishing your tweets in real-time.

8. Schedule Your Tweets

Last, its time to schedule your tweets. Now you need to decide on tools to schedule your tweets. Out of the many tools available you could use these 2: Hootsuite and SocialOomph

Contact me if you want further information and/or help creating a Tweet Plan.

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10 Biggest User Experience Mistakes Ever!

Cutting straight to the chase, I don’t think an intro is required 🙂

1. Frames
Don’t tell me you are ready to use frames to split your page?

2. Bad contrast of text over background
It’s all about contrast, ain’t it. Like any other animal the human eye is also trained to prioritize by contrast.

3. Heavy flash/video intros
Its a website and not a presentation off you hard disk.

4. Hidden Signins
This is the start to your sites bread earning capability. Please do not stash it in some corner or on a level 2 page. Provide it with good realty.

5. Pop-ups for content
An absolute no-no. Heard of AJAX?

6. Blinking text and marquees
What is the plan dude? You want visitors to get on to your side or do you want yourself to get onto their nerves.

7. Browser compatibility
Please do not make your users switch browsers.

8. Unstructured and unscannable text
Again, the human eye is trained to scan and get the gist. Make sure the navigation is clear on each page. No one likes it when they do not know where they are, use bread crumbs. Also, use proper contrast in text. Break down long textual content in a structured blocks. Heard of bullets? indents? bold? italics?

9. Horizontal Scrolling
This would take the cake if you make the user use a horizontal scroll to read your site content.

10. Consistency
Last but not the least.  Be consistent in using typeface, colors, icons… Make your returning visitors comfortable and reduce their clicks to a minimum. Let your visitors be in control. Do not make them hunt for directions every time. You know how it is, if I need directions a 2nd time, I rather head for Google.

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Social Media Plan

One of my previous post (a presentation actually) talked about The Power of Social Media, statistics showing every business owner should invest in social media and setup a team with a social media manager at the helm.

In the following illustrates a 4 step outline for a social media plan.

Social Media Plan

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Find and Manage Your Twitter Following

Twitter can either prove to be an amazing tool or a waste of time depending upon who you follow. Follow the right people and you will have the right information at the right time, else following wrong people will leave you behind by a mile.

Twitter gives a list of suggested people a new user could follow, containing some of Twitter’s heaviest users who are followed the most. No clue on how these suggested users have been selected and how following them would be of use to a new user. But, there is a service that could help you find interesting people to follow.

The service is called WeFollow. It is a user edited directory of Twitter users that categorizes each user in a directory by their interest.

How does it work? It simple asks users for their interests. While joining them a user provides his interests as a bunch of tags. If you are looking to follow people with same interests simply find users under the same category.

Register yourself with WeFollow here. Follow instructions from there on.

If any of you ‘d like to follow me, go to my Twitter page

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Toyota offers $500 for a Tweet!

Buy a new Toyota and Tweet about it, get a $500 prepaid debit card.

Shoppers can get this free $500 gift card simply for making a purchase that was, in all likelihood, already planned and anticipated.

Toyota patrons have to visit the ToyotaSharathon site and send a tweet through the embedded application. Owners can then redeem their debit card once a Toyota has been purchased through the same website. Toyota is awarding 250 cards each day through 15 December.

The blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, have been buzzing about this deal that’s just about to end. To top it, the offer has been extended for the late Christmas shoppers, so that anyone could register to receive the gift card before the 16th December. As long as the registers patron buys a Toyota before the 6th January, he has 250 chances to get a debit card each day.

Most people online believe the Toyota Shareathon has already ended, because it was scheduled to have ended earlier; thus, the chances of being one of the 250 daily winners are greater.

So, if you’re buying a new Toyota, be sure to Tweet about it at and get $500 Back!!

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